Local Diving

You can dive Locally all year round but as we move into the colder months conditions can change quickly. For this reason, scheduled events need to confirmed a few days prior to the event. This allows us to confirm weather and dive conditions. Submit your contact information to be added to the dive list and get details for the dive. We will re-confirm with you a few days befor the event.

Drive and Dive

Dive Chippewa Creek

May 21 2023

Join us for a day diving Chippewa Creek. We will be doing 2 drift dives with a light lunch between dives.
Divers should be comfortable with current diving.
Cost $20.00 per diver.Pre registration is required to get dive details.

Mid Week Local Dive

trout lake map

Dive Trout Lake, Inerkip Ontario

June 7 2023

Join us for an evening dive. We will be doing 1 dive with a goal to visit some of the submerged attractions while cleaning up any trash we encounter..
Divers can register as an individual or as a buddy team.
Cost - Entry to the Park.Pre registration is required so we can plan for your attendance.

Drive and Dive

Sturgeon Dive 2023

June 25, 2023

Join us for a dive at the head of the St Clair River. It is at the head of the river and farther into the lake that the sturgeon spends some time.
Divers should be Advanced and comfortable with current diving.

Pre registration is required to get dive details.

Ohh did I mention that most of the sturgeon are between 4 and 6ft but have seen them around 10 ft in length!

Dive Brockville


July 1-2, 2023

Some of the warmest Canadian diving in the area.
We are diving from a boat one day and Shore the other. Planned dives are the Daryaw, and Lilly Parsons from boat and Centeen Park from shore

Cost is $180.00 plus tax. for both days.
Includes 1 day - 2 dive charter and shore dive support
Not included:
Space is limited Contact us to BOOK your space and get details about the weekend.