Gear Servicing

Remember to follow the manufactureres service intervals to maintain your gear.

When Should You Service Your Gear?

Servicing guidelines vary from brand to brand, but typically the recommendation is to have your gear annually inspected/check-up, with a full servicing every two years (or 100 dives), whichever comes first. BCD Inflators should be serviced annually.


Regulator Travel Check/Adjustment- $39.95

Don’t have time to get a servicing before your trip? Bring it into us and we’ll give it a quick check and confirm it currently performing properly. This is a suitable option when your regulator is not past the manufacturers full service recomendation for your regulator.

Annual Inspection- $59.95

We recommend having your regulator inspected in-between full servicing intervals. We will clean, inspect hoses for leaks, diaphragm inspection, IP Check, Inhalation Resistance/ Cracking effort check and pressurized immersion test.

Full Servicing- $120.00 **

A full servicing is recommended every 2 years unless specified by the manufacturer

A full servicing includes:

  • Detailed pre-inspection to determine if there are any abnormalities
  • Complete disassembly and inspection for wear and damage on all parts
  • All O-Rings, Seats, filters and other required parts are replaced
  • Thorough cleaning in the ultra-sonic cleaner/solution.

1st and 2nd Stage Servicing: $80.00**

Alternate 2nd Stage $40**

**Each stage will require a parts kit, which is not included in the price. Parts kits will range anywhere from $15-$80 per stage depending on brand/model**

O2 Servicing- $124.95**

Full O2 cleaning on both first and second stage


Inflator Service- $34.95 This is labor only, parts kits are additional and may vary from brand to brand.
Inflator Regulator Service (Air2, SS1, Octo-Z, etc)- $50. This is labor only, parts kits are additional and may vary from brand to brand.

Leak Test- $29.95 For liability reasons, if your BCD bladder is found to have a hole in it, we are unable to repair it as this affects the integrity of the bladder and can be a serious safety concern.


Glue In Seals: Latex Wrist Seals- $125 (includes 2 wrist seals)
Wrist Seal instalation for Cuff Rings- $60 Latex Wrist Seals / $80 Silicone Wrist Seals (includes 2 wrist seals)
Replace Neck Seal Glue in Latex Neck Seal – $140 (includes neck seal)
Neck Seal Instalation for Quick Neck System- $60 Latex / $80 Silicone (includes neck seal)
Zipper Replacement Metal Zipper: $424.99 to $549.95 (includes Zipper)
In-House Leak Test Full Suit $75 – Includes labour for repair of small holes (maximum 2 holes).
In-House Leak Test Localized Area $35
Patching Hole -per 3cm area (leak check required) $15
Install Pocket ($75-$125, including pocket)

**Prices are estimates only, and may vary depending on the suit. To get a more accurate quote, please contact us.**


Visual Inspection including air fill- $30.00
Scuba Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing including air fill- $55.00
Composite Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing- $65.00
Tumbling- $49.95 or more
O2 Cleaning- $79.95
Tank Valve Service- $49.95+
Disasemble and Reaseble of twin tanks - $25.00


Wetsuit Hole Repair (Gluing, patching, and heat taping)- $20-$45

**Prices are estimates only, if you’d like a more accurate quote, please feel free to bring your item by**

Battery Changes We stock most batteries needed for computers and tank pods that are user changable. You can purchase these and complete the change on your own, or have us do it for $20 plus parts.

This price do not apply to dive computers and tank pods that need to be returned to the Manufaturer for battery change.

All prices are estimates only and subjet to change. Contact the store for confirmed costs.