Here is a map of dive sites across Canada to assist you in finding a place to dive.

Need some help planning a Local Dive, or finding a local dive site?

Tobermory, Ontario

Some great diving in the clear waters of Georgian Bay. Fathom Five National Marine park holds dozens of dive sites to visit.

Monarch and Barge

Point Edward offers a couple of dives that can challenge even an experienced diver. These sites are shore access, but conditions can change dependent on weather. My advice is if the wind is out of the west or north west plan to visit anouther day as the visability will most likely be bad.

Thompson Hole

Starting in Fort Erie you can do 2 dives while drifiting. The first takes you through Thompson hole, one of the deepest dives in the upper Niagara River. The second dive starts where the first ends and takes you further downstreem to exit at Frenchmans Creek

Creek to Creek

Another upper Niagara River Drift section. Baker Creek to Black Creek to Boyer’s Creek. Spend a day exploring the river as you drift downstream covering about 3.5km of the riverbed.

Keep the boat traffic in mind as you are shallow enough to see them pass overhead.

Welland Scuba Park

This park has easy access and is open for visiting divers. A great location to practice skills or enjoy exploring arround the old swing bridge which is abbundant with the local marine life.

Keep an eye out for the infamous fresh water jellyfish!

More Local Dive Sites

Wiarton Area

A popular dive site in the Wiarton Area is Cedar Hill Park. Whiloe not the only dive site probably the most visited.

Trout Lake

Located about half way between Kitchener and London, this site offers an abundance of underwater objects. Boats, planes, cars and a bus give you plenty to find but be aware visability can be poor.

Shirkston Shores

Operating as a trailer park along the shorline of Lake Erie, the quarry has train tracks and ore cars to follow and explore.

Humber Bay

Located on Lake Ontario in Toronto, Ontario, Humber Bay Park offers divers shore access. Many dive here to practice skills or just get into the water without a long drive. Humber Bay also offers some shipwrecks requiring a boat to get to...

Lake Ontario Shoreline

Well part of the shorline. The area around Grimsby and Port Dalhousie. With a couple shore sites as well as the Tiller Wreck accessable by boat.

Sturgeon Dive

As far as marine life dives in Ontario I consider this #1. While it is a dive I recomend it is an advanced dive that has you spending a long time underwater in depths deeper than 60 feet in what might be the strongest current you will dive in. Did I mention you are diving in the shipping channel with freighters passing.